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For a monthly fee that costs less than a meal at a fast food restaurant you sometimes go to but wish you didn't, you can help support me, ScottDW, and my work as a growing filmmaker and songwriter. And in return, you'll receive much more than a soggy hamburger that disappears in an instant! As a VIP member, you'll receive exclusive content each month, including every song I ever release in the future (which is going to be A LOT) as well as my entire back catalogue. You'll also get a permant 15% off any merchandise, pre-existing and in the future. I'll be giving away private songs just for VIP members, exclusive previews to content before it gets released, limited edition merchandise, tutorials, one-on-one Q&A's and much, much more. This is your way to help support me as an artist, but also receive rewards for doing so. Thank you for considering joining! For more questions about the membership, feel free to email me at

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Salt Lake City, Utah


legolas57 thumbnail
legolas57 Awesome musics as always !
I'm a big fan, I just love it !
Keep it up Scott :-)
(Not to mention your great music video clips. All the ingredients are there: directing, lighting, camera movements...)

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